You will love our great tasting, tender and full-flavored premium beef sticks.

Our premium sirloin beef sticks are produced with the best beef and are hand made by people with pride and not a machine. Our gourmet premium sticks are always made using premium cuts of American beef sirloin while using quality spice and quality ingredients.

All put together for perfection and ultimate taste.  Following strict guidelines of quality control, we hand make a mouth-watering, superior and bold-flavored premium sirloin beef stick, tender and similar to beef jerky only softer and tender in every bite.

Premium Sirloin Beef Sticks

“Bald Eagle beef sticks are great tasting, tender and easy to eat. All meat and no casing.  It leaves you with a gratifying experience knowing you ate premium sirloin and not a lesser, cheap meat like most beef sticks you would buy in a store.”

Your mouth will thank you later!